EFX Sports Band

EFX Performance, inc. was founded in California in March 2009. Its incredible wave of viral marketing spurred by the acceptance by top athletes globally. Over one million satisfied customers in its first year. EFX is rapidly becoming a highly sought after brand. EFX products are currently being sold in over 1,000 retail locations in the United States and distributed in over 45 countries.

EFX Testing Report...Proven
EFX are the only holographic technology that has a proven study to the effects of wearing the performance wrist bands.In summary, the research analyzed the golf swing of 60 golfers and has proven to show an increase in clubhead speed which in turn increases distance. EFX have further performance related controlled studies from Asia and Europe which support the science of our products.

Paul McGinley - European Tour Professional/ Ryder cup Vice Captain. "Balance, core strength and flexibility are key points to the golf swing. I had heard about EFX and then I noticed it on some of the USA team members at the Ryder Cup last year. I couldn't believe the results experienced. I wear mine every round."

Tom Reid - Professional Golfer (Trilby Tour Champion)

"3 Birdies in 4 holes in the play off, never felt calmer. It works!!!"

Today's Golfer
"EFX's holographic technology contains algorithms and frequencies that interact positively with the body's natural energy field at a cellular level. Claims to improve balance, strength, flexibility and relieve stress. Worn by Phil Mickelson. TG Verdict: Tests on amateurs showed an average increase in clubhead speed of 5mph, equating to 8-10 yards of extra distance."

As worn by Tour Professionals
Phil Mickelson, Paul McGinley, Marc Warren, Nick Dougherty, Darren Clarke, Justin Rose, Seve Benson, Ben Barham, Matt Zions, John Parry, Jamie Elson, Lloyd Saltman, Elliot Saltman, Ross McGowan, Shiv Kapur, Steve Webster, Shane Lowry, Jeeve Milka Singh, Marcel Siem, Dave Stockton Jr, Ryann O’Toole, James Morrison, James Kinston, James Kamte.

How It Works?
  1. Simply put, EFX products embedded with frequencies that may effect wellness.
  2. Efficiently transferring energy throughout the body is essential for performance and well-being.
  3. When the body is in harmony, muscles relax, blood flow increases and relaxation replaces tension.

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