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Buying advice for Golf Irons

Buying guide for Golf Irons Shop for Golf Irons Golf irons comprise the majority of clubs in your bag. From tee shots to the approach to the green, they are very much the precision equipment of the game and can be used for a variety of shots on the course. 

The best golf irons are generally broken down into two main categories - blades and cavity backed. Blades provide greater feel and flexibility for an experienced player. While cavity backed irons are preferred by those newer to golf, as they are generally easier to hit and provide greater control and distance.

When considering which irons to buy it is important to weigh up all of the options and at GolfOnline we stock a wide range from all the major manufacturers, including Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade and Titleist.

Blades or Cavity Backed
Bladed golf irons are usually made from steel and provide greater feel. Meaning if you catch the ball with the sweet spot, you'll know about it. Hitting it out of the middle gives you more distance and the desired trajectory, which you need if you want to find the green and leave yourself with a birdie chance. These are perfect for serious golfers who want to make swing adjustments if they don't 'middle' an approach or tee shot.

The vast majority of golf irons available today are made by casting. A process that is perfect for making cavity backed clubs because it gives manufacturers the chance to be creative. An option that is great for players new to the game is the addition of perimeter weight, meaning the ball will still travel a fair distance, and generally straight, even if it doesn't come off the middle of the face.

Lie Angle
If you're taller or shorter than average or have an unusual swing, you will need to consider the lie angle of your golf irons. As a general rule, shorter players will benefit from flatter lies, while taller golfers may need them tweaked a little more upright to make sure the ball comes off the face straight.

When looking for the best golf irons the material the shaft is made of is something you should seriously consider. Steel or graphite?  In the simplest of terms the difference is the weight of the irons, with graphite being much lighter. This means the club can be swung quicker through the air, generating more distance.

However, graphite is more expensive than steel and doesn't offer the consistency you get with a metal shaft.  After hitting a few balls with a steel-shafted iron you'll know exactly how it behaves and the power you need to play a pin-point shot to the pin.

Many male players think steel shafts make the best golf irons, as their weight is not an issue, whereas junior and female golfers more often choose graphite shafts for their flexibility and quicker swings.

Custom Golf Irons
To ensure the best out of your new set of irons, we recommend getting custom fit to optimise your clubs length, lie angle, grips and shafts.  We believe this is crucial and will help to improve your game dramatically. GolfOnline is proud to provide a superior custom fit service. Book in your appointment today and start reaping the on-course rewards.
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