10 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs In The World By Golfonline

by Maura Hutchinson

10 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs In The World By Golfonline When it comes to playing golf, there are some sought after clubs that people can only dream of playing in. From the standards, dress codes, and pristine locations, not to mention the often hefty price tag, we have put together a comprehensive list of the 10 most exclusive golf clubs in the world.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There were simply so many to choose from, so we have selected a handful of the most desirable.

The prices shown in this article are an estimate, based on a membership over 5 years.

10) Archerfield, East Lothian, Scotland

Cost For Membership: £11,150
A membership at Archerfield Clubhouse is more than just your average golf membership. It’s beautiful and inviting setting will make you feel like it is just you and the course. Membership is described as a lifestyle choice, complete with beautiful courses. One of the things that is very noticeable, and makes Archerfield stand out from other clubs is the absence of old fashioned dress codes, making it seem like a forward thinking, modern club that goes above and beyond. If you wish to make a weekend out of your stay at Archerfield, you can choose from a variety of accommodation, which are of course of the highest quality.

You can expect to drive through the estate, passing the iconic mansion, and award winning spa, before pulling up to The Clubhouse, where the concierge team will be on hand to help you. They will even prepare your clubs for you. There are two courses that you can enjoy – the Fidra Links, deep in the forest, where it is just you, sweeping fairways, and overhead pines. This is an extremely inviting 18-hole course. The second is the Dirleton Links, which is situated on the coastal land. The more challenging 18-hole course, features bunkers, and undulating dunes.

Once you have finished the course, relax in the welcoming atmosphere of modern and airy Clubhouse, where you can relax in your favourite seat, or catch up with other players.

Image Credit: https://www.archerfieldgolfclub.com/membership-opportunities

9) Yas Links, Abu Dhabi

Cost For Membership: £22,310
Yas Links Abu Dhabi, is the first Links club in the Middle East and promises to be a ‘course that will enhance both your game and your senses’. This stunning course has been designed by Kyle Phillips, one of the world’s leading golf course designers. The exclusive club features an 18-hole course, as well as a 9-hole academy course, and of course The Clubhouse, where you can sit back and relax after your time on the course. The floodlit practice facilities mean that you can play whenever you want, whilst enjoying the truly stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

The club is equipped with the finest facilities and has been designed to test even the most experienced golfers, and invites golfers to experience golf in its finest form. The hefty price tag of a membership here is completely understandable, when you realise that its neighbours are a Formula 1 Grand Prix Track, and a Ferrari World theme park.

Image Credit: https://www.yaslinks.com/Club-Info/Gallery/Golf_photos.aspx?imagepath=%2fClub-Info%2fGallery%2fGolf_photos%2fYas_links_18th_IMG_6029

8) Cypress Point, California

Cost For Membership: £23,000
The exclusive Cypress Point golf club is rumoured to have once denied JFK entry to their restaurant. This small and elite club has just 250 members, many of whom are politicians. The club, designed by Dr Alister MacKenzie is one of the world’s most desirable golf clubs, and due to the small numbers, is one of the hardest to join.
The club has been constructed on Sajo Farm, which is nestled in a quiet and out of the way community. The scenery that surrounds the club is one of the major selling points, and members can expect to hear the relaxing sound of the Pacific Ocean crashing up on the rocks during their time on the course.

Although getting membership is hard, the semi-private golf course features a Grill Restaurant, which is open to all members of the public and can be hired for private events. If you are considering becoming a member though, be prepared to pay your share – the fees are determined by yearly running costs, which are then divided up between the members; so, regardless of how much you use the course, you are still expected to pay the same amount as the other members.

Image Credit: http://www.montereypeninsulagolf.com/Cypress-Point-Club

7) Address Montgomerie, Dubai

Cost For Membership: £24,905
The Address Montgomerie offers sheer luxury both on and off of the course. The Club, which was opened in 2002, has gained over 40,000 members. It is managed by Troon Golf, and is widely recognised as golf’s only luxury brand – the Troon golfing experience. When you consider that the club is accompanied by a five-star hotel, set over 265 acres, it is easy to see why it is one of the most desirable and exclusive golfing destinations in the world.

The club has a unique mission to maintain the golf course at a standard that is simply incomparable to even the best courses in the world, and it is because of this that they cater to golfers from all across the world. Although the price means that it is not feasible for the lay person to get a membership, if you are lucky enough to, you can expect to see the gala reception from the new Clubhouse’s 21 modern and stylish five-star guest rooms, complete with three international restaurants, a cigar lounge, gym, and a pool, which overlooks the 18th green.

The club also boasts several function and meeting venues which can be hired out, two golf shops, so you can be sure that you are always playing with the best equipment and extensive locker room facilities to ensure that you keep your belongings safe while you are on the course.

Image Credit: http://www.themontgomerie.com/

6) Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore

Cost For Membership: £26,807
The Singapore Island Country Club is set in a beautiful part of Singapore, and has been named as the best golf course in the country, which makes it easy to see why this exclusive club is so sought after. The club itself has five different layouts, two driving ranges, and a reservoir, which looks beautiful all year round. Combine this with world-class dining, and the fact that the club prides itself on its excellent service, it easy to see why it is as popular as it is.

The Singapore Island Country Club only wants to highlight their reputation as one of the most prestigious and respected golf and country clubs in the country, and it will not be hard to do with the best golf courses of its kind, excellent facilities and service, where members can expect a warm welcome every time they walk through the doors.

On top of offering some of the best golf courses, the club has a number of other amenities, which goes some way to justify the hefty price tag. These include, an arcade room, a Bukit Theatre which can seat 130, a children’s playroom, a dance studio, a games room, a gym, jackpot rooms, lifestyle centre, a music room where you can enjoy a bit of karaoke, and even a hair salon!

Image Credit: https://www.sicc.org.sg/Pages/HomePage.aspx

5) Augusta National, Georgia

Price For Membership: £77,500
The Augusta National Golf Club has just three hundred members, which include generations of Southern society members, and corporate titans – Bill Gates being one of them. It is an incredibly well known and exclusive club that few have played in. It is home to the Masters tournament famously designed be champion golfer Bobby Jones, and Dr Alister MacKenzie. Don’t think about saving up your hard earned cash to get you a place here, because it won’t work – there are few simple rules, but they are strict – there is to be no running, no use of mobile phones, and membership is strictly by invitation only.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to purchase a membership, you can expect to see a new eighteen-hole course, which was developed by David Ogilvie and is known as The Lake Course. There is another eighteen-hole course on the West side of Milledge Road, with an additional ten-hole Bon-Air course on the East Side of Milledge Road.

Due to exclusive nature of this club, little is known about the inner workings of The Clubhouse, except the formal nature of it, fine dining and prohibited use of mobile phones.

Image Credit: http://www.augusta.com/masters/coursetour

4) Trump National, Los Angeles

Cost For Membership: £123,898
You know any Trump golf course is going to come with a hefty price tag, and membership at the Trump National is no different. This exclusive club offers all of the best amenities, despite being just thirty minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The Golf Club offers spectacular views from its position on top of jagged cliffs. The course is designed to test even the best golfers, but is also a fun day out for beginners and less experienced golfers.

Once you have enjoyed your game, you can try out the world class cuisine, from a choice of three restaurants.

The Golf Club not only offers fine dining, and a great golf course, but they too have developed a strong reputation for environmental practices, and is dedicated to protecting the habitat that surrounds the course as it is home to the endangered Coastal California Gnatcatcher. The course has been specifically designed to share in this experience, and features public access trails with access to the beach and a public park, which is located on the bluffs in front of the clubhouse.

Image Credit: http://www.trumpnationallosangeles.com/film-location

3) Bear’s Club, Florida

Price For Membership: £129,163
The Bear’s Club in Florida was designed and founded by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, who had long harboured the desire to bring a first-rate golf club to his home of South Florida. He wanted to offer his members a world-class golf courses, which help the highest standards of quality.

Membership is not cheap at all, and the course is surrounded by estate home, villas and cottages, where the wealthy can return home to the most indulgent surroundings. Members of the club can expect to be part of the exclusive golf community that is nestles among 369 sandy acres, which is just a mile away from the Atlantic Ocean.

The club is incredibly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and is strategically placed throughout 102 bunkers, which have been inspired by the Royal Melbourne Gold Club in Australia, which founder Jack visited when he was captain of the United States Presidents Cut team.

The Tuscan style Clubhouse is situated just beyond the water, which guards the green, where members can go and enjoy a drink and relax after a game on the course.

Image Credit: http://www.thebearsclub.com/

2) Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey, England

Price For Membership: £180,000
A membership at Wentworth Golf Club costs more than a house, and is one of world’s finest golf and country clubs, located just an hour away from Central London. It boasts three championship courses, and hosts the BMW PGA, and is used as the headquarters for the European Tour.

As well as enjoying rounds of golf of the greens, members can also make use of the famous Clubhouse, and a Tennis and Health Club. There is an active social calendar that members can enjoy, as well as contemporary dining in The Grill. It is a family friendly club, which welcomes all new members warmly, despite the fact that the club was bought last year by Dr Chanchai Ruayrungruang, who announced that members must pay a £100,000 debenture share to retain their playing rights, as well as doubling the annual subscription to £16,000.

Image Credit: http://www.wentworthclub.com/clubs/image-gallery/?page=2

1) Liberty National, New Jersey

Cost For Membership: £240,404
Top of our list is the Liberty National Golf Course, which will set you back a staggering £240,000 to become a member. Tim Finchem, the commissioner of the PGA Tour has agreed that it is one of the most stunning settings for professional golfers to play in, so you know that it is going to be of the absolute highest quality.

The club itself cost over £160 million to build, and is not your average golf club at all, featuring amenities such as an on-site heliport, yacht services and numerous spa services. As you would expect from the membership fee, the Club House in incredibly luxurious, where only the richest can relax and socialise in.

Image Credit: http://www.libertynationalgc.com/club/scripts/home/home.asp

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