A Little Yoga could help to Improve your Golf Swing

by Maura Hutchinson

A new study coming from Abertay University in Dundee, suggests that just two 15-minute sessions of yoga a week could help to improve a golfer’s swing.

Those who participated in the study were all golfers, and each took part in the yoga sessions for six weeks. The main focus of the exercise was the rotation of the hips to the torso, a key aspect of golf performance also referred to as the “X-Factor” stretch. Each yoga session was specifically designed to be simply executed, with participants using an online tutorial.

One of the co-authors of the study, Dr. Ashley Richardson explains, “A common issue with golfers when it comes to training is the fear that they can’t become stronger as they’ll lose flexibility. This in turn could affect their golf swing.”

Richardson continues that, “While yoga has a slightly different demographic to golf, it promotes both flexibility and strength. Each session was short, meaning it won’t take much time out of a golfer’s life.”

Through the study, researchers noticed a two to three degree difference in the range of motion among golfers who had been practicing yoga. This can lead to greater club head speed during your swing movement and also slight improvement in hand speed.

Richardson’s co-author, Dr. Graeme Sorbie added, “The difference in X-Factor stretch may seem small, but in context it’s not. The study was conducted over a six week period and it’s possible that the improvement would be even greater over a longer period of time.”

PGA player Camilo Villegas already uses a yoga pose to help line up his putts, so this should come as no surprise to the Colombian player.