Ballistic Missile Threat in Hawaii Leads to Panic for Golfers at Sony Open

by Maura Hutchinson

A number of the world’s top golfers got the fright of their life on Saturday morning. Instead of worrying how they’d be performing in the third round of the Sony Open, many were worried how they would be surviving a ballistic missile threat. No joke…

At 8:07 a.m. local time in Hawaii a mass message was sent out warning of an incoming threat and advising all those in the area to take cover. People went, as you might imagine, a bit crazy. Jumping into bath tubs, hiding under beds and even climbing down into underground bunkers that have laid dormant since WWII.

For an entire 38 minutes the inhabitants of the islands of Hawaii panicked including some of our favourite faces from the world of golf.

Until alas a second text was sent out letting everyone know the alert was a mistake….a really big friggin mistake – oops! Authorities have now confirmed an employee hit the wrong button while attempting to do an internal TEST message. Bet that is the last TEST message that guy will ever send!