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Bryson DeChambeau, “The Golf Scientist” has got a new Putting Approach

by Maura Hutchinson

Bryson DeChambeau has made a name for himself on the professional golf circuit by doing things a bit different. His single length irons caught us all off guard but seem to now be a thing, with Cobra, DeChambeau’s sponsor introducing a single length set, the King F7 One Length Irons available early next year.

The American’s latest experiment was front and centre at last week’s Franklin Templeton Shootout – the side-saddle putting stroke. The what?!?!?! It might look a little strange but apparently it’s legal and has been used before by Sam Snead. Although not everyone thinks they could make it work for their game.

So how does it work? Centre your body on the green facing the hole and sweep the putter forward at the ball. As long as you’re not straddling the line of the putt it’s fine.

Take a look at DeChambeau testing out the side-saddle below.