Do You Need to Swing Faster? Faults & Fixes with Mark Crossfield and GolfOnline

by Maura Hutchinson

Mark Crossfield is asked by Daniel January, “Is increasing swing speed vital if you’re hitting the ball well? I’m a 2 handicap and feel my speed is holding me back”.

Mark discusses how hitting it further to improve can depend on the level of golf you are at, if you are a mid handicapper around a short course it might not help. If you are a scratch golfer playing county golf it will also might not help but if you are trying to make it on tour then you need to be able to hit the long drive when you need it. This is one of the things he has really noticed, whilst playing with the world’s elite golfers they have an extra 20 to 30 yards in the tank when they need it.

For example Mark was playing with Lee Westwood at Close House in preparation for the up and coming British Masters later in the year. On most of the holes Mark was not too far behind Lee but when they came to a long up hill into wind par 4, Lee stepped on the gas. Westwood hit his 8 iron in where as Mark hit his usual 262 carry drive and hit a hybrid in to green. This is where you see the big difference.