Golf Business closes to make Face Masks during Coronavirus Pandemic

by Maura Hutchinson

Seamus Golf has decided to shut down its website and move to the production of face masks during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The American golf brand, which usually manufactures headcovers and golf accessories, made the announcement on its website earlier this week. In a statement from founders Megan and Akbar Christi, the company announced it had taken action last week to properly disinfect their office and set up production to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“Over the past few days we received inquiries from primary care physicians, nurses, and first responders for our masks.

Prototyping began last week and ended with our first production run on Friday. We are using our materials and constructing them in a way that each of these individuals are requesting to use as a last resort. They have confirmed that what we are making is better than what they are resorting to use.”

The statement also says they are not charging for these emergency kits for anyone on the frontline. The brand is hoping production will be up to 5,000 masks every three days.

Seamus Golf isn’t the only company to step up in these challenging times. In New York, fashion designer Christian Siriano last week offered the help of he and his team to make face masks and gowns for those on the frontline. Governor Cuomo got in touch with Siriano and confirmed this week that they have made 1,000 masks in three days. These are bleachable and washable, meaning they can be reused.

Other smaller fashion brands are now following suit, and starting to produce masks and gowns for hospitals around the world.