Golf’s Bid to get more Kids Involved

by Maura Hutchinson

Looking for more ways to incorporate golf into family life? Why not start by getting the kids involved in your favourite pastime. One of the many great things about golf is that it is accessible and well-suited to every age group. Making it the perfect sport for the whole family to enjoy together.

So is now the right time to get your youngsters into golf?

Last year England Golf published their “Growing the game for the Future, The Children and Young People’s Plan for Golf 2017-2021.” The document is the organisation’s look at what needs to be done to encourage more young people to take up the game. In its research they found that in 2016 seven percent of all golf club members were juniors. In their four-year plan, England Golf is hoping to raise this to ten percent for a total junior membership of 67,500 across England. According to KPMG’s Golf Participation Report for Europe 2017, England is already second in the Top 5 markets for the total number of junior golfers, with Sweden just squeezing in ahead.

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Junior golfers are a hot commodity and the only way struggling courses and clubs will be able to continue, so making them a priority in the future development of the game seems about right to us. Beyond golf’s governing bodies and organisations, the biggest brands associated with the sport seem to be catching on too. The newest offerings of Junior Golf Apparel and Accessories take in to consideration all the latest technology and contemporary styles to help lure the younger player to the game.

But it’s not just the established golf companies turning their attention to the kids. The Junior Golf hardware business is properly taking off with a number of Junior-only brands designing and manufacturing golf clubs specifically tailored to the younger demographic. Ensuring the game is easier and more fun to play from the moment they first step up to the tee.

Junior Hardware even the adults will envy…

MKids, Wilson Staff, Golphin and US Kids Golf are four of the incredible brands offering kids the perfect options to help launch their golf games. From full package sets to half sets and individual clubs, you will find the precise gear best suited to your junior’s age/height/ability. Arming kids with the correctly weighted and sized clubs will help them gain confidence on the course and also assist them in learning the right swing techniques from the get-go. The complete ranges are designed to not only perform well but also look fantastic. All key factors in getting kids to enjoy the game! Here’s a look at a few of our top choices in Junior Hardware:

Help them to look the part…

Every parent knows the gravity of a kid’s outfit. From toddlers to teenagers, clothes are an important statement piece you don’t want to get wrong. With golf club dress codes it can be difficult to navigate what’s acceptable to wear on the course and what your child wouldn’t be caught dead in. Let us help you take the guesswork out of outfit planning and give your junior the perfect options to get them feeling confident and restriction-free at the tee. From golf caps to polo shirts, all the way down to golf shoes – GolfOnline has got you covered!

Still need a little more inspiration?

With the hardware, apparel and shoes out of the equation, what could possibly be left on junior’s golf wish list? Here’s a couple extra treats we think the kids will absolutely love: