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Henrik Stenson Handles Hitting a Fan in the Head like a True Pro

by Maura Hutchinson

The U.S. Open at Pebble Beach gave fans a fair share of story lines to follow, culminating in a worthy first major win for America’s Gary Woodland. But did you see how Henrik Stenson handled a potentially messy situation during Saturday’s third round?

After hitting a “semi-shank” into the crowd Stenson made his way over to see how the poor guy he hit was doing. After surveying the situation and concluding it could have been worse, the Iceman took the time to indulge the man laying on the ground asking for a selfie.

“So next thing I’m down on the ground as well, taking a picture, a selfie, laying down with him and his girlfriend,” Stenson explained later to reporters. Adding, “It feels like he’s had maybe one or two refreshments that might have eased the pain before the strike.”

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