How important is fitness in golf?

by Maura Hutchinson

Adam asks Mark Crossfield on Facebook "How Important Fitness In Golf?"

Mark discusses how in the professional game fitness is a massive factor. However there are different forms of being fit and different levels. You don't have to have a low body fat percentage but being fit for purpose is important.

Mark compares Rory Mcilroy who would look like he is never out of the gym and Andrew “Beef” Johnson who clearly has a good work life balance. What some people might not realise is that Beef is actually in the gym and a top athletic golfer. There are pro’s and con’s to changing into a golf athlete. When John Daly went on a dramatic weight loss regime his golf deteriorated. Some reports say that Tiger Woods downfall has been from over training in the gym and injuries have been as a consequence. So when you do start your training do so with the correct instruction and tutoring.