Indoor full body turn - Tip with Mark Crossfield from his living room!

by Maura Hutchinson

During the winter time a lot of people struggle to get out on the golf course due to bad weather and lack of daylight. So to keep on top of your golf game we have enlisted Mark Crossfield to create a winter package of tips and drills that you can do at your desk or in the house.

In this video Mark aims to help one of the most common faults in golf, moving and coming out of your posture. This is one of the most destructive things you can do to your golf swing. When your spine angle or posture changes during the swing it alters all the other angles that need to be in place for a consistent swing, this leads to a wide variation of different shot types and impact delivery positions.

Mark provides some great drills in this video to help you keep on top of your shoulder turn and maintain a correct posture. Have you got any indoor tips and drills that have helped your golf game? If yes let us know.