Is your Golf Game ready for the Wet Season???

by Maura Hutchinson

At GolfOnline we encourage our customers to get out on the course regardless of the season. Learning to adapt your golf skills to different conditions is the best way to build up consistency and strength within your game. With the autumn/winter golf season upon us we thought it was time to give you the essentials needed to help you play through the wind and rain.

Weatherproofing Needed

The biggest hurdle a golfer faces when trying to play in the winter is ensuring they stay warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at them. Waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers are essential in making sure your swing stays on point. The top golf brands understand how important it is to protect the golfer but also not affect their swing with bulky layers. Producing waterproofs that do the job but also perform on the golf course isn’t an easy task but there are a few brands who totally nail this brief. Here’s some of our favourites:

For the ultimate in high-end waterproofing look no further than Galvin Green. This premium golf wear brand has spent years perfecting performance golf wear, with particularly attention to outerwear. In 2017 the company introduced its C-Knit technology alongside its already popular Gore-Tex to create a range of waterproof three-layer stretch fabric jackets and trousers. See the entire Galvin Green waterproof collection below:

Protect that Head

The best waterproof jacket and trousers can’t help you if it’s pouring down with rain and you can’t see. To be certain you’re looking at every shot and keeping the rain out of your eyes, you’re probably going to need one of these:

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Crucial Accessories

With the big stuff covered, let’s move on to the less thought about but always vital accessories. Every golfer knows that grip matters and this couldn’t be more true then when it’s cold and wet on the course. Don’t let your hands slip when it matters most. Here’s a look at the wet weather gloves we trust most plus the winter mittens that will save your hands in between shots – like the ones Eddie’s Pepperell’s mum gave him during the British Masters last week:

Last but certainly not least…

You’re going to want to have an umbrella when the rain really gets going. At GolfOnline we carry an extensive range of golf umbrellas big enough to keep you and your bag covered in a heavy downpour. Starting from £17.95 this is an essential we don’t think you should miss.