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John Daly Continues to Liven Up the Champions Tour

by Maura Hutchinson

With a nickname like “Wild Thing” did you really think age would totally tame John Daly? Now 50 and playing on the PGA’s senior Champions Tour, the American is well known for his crazy antics both on and off the golf course. With his last two weeks on the circuit perfectly illustrating why he’s still a fascinating specimen of a professional athlete (even when he’s not in contention!).

Earlier this month Daly withdrew from the Allianz Championship but not before tossing his putter into a lake on the 7th hole. The American now insists the incident was not as it seemed. Stating it was a mistake, as he didn’t realise his caddie’s hands were full when he tried to throw him the club.

“If I throw a putter, it’s going to be in two pieces, not one,” Daly told a reporter afterwards. “And it’s going to be 50-yards in the lake, not five.”

Cut to this weekend in Naples, Florida and Daly once again proved he’s not your typical golfer. After landing on the edge of a water hazard at the 17th during the Chubb Classic, Daly decided to hit the shot rather than take a drop. Not totally unheard off. But while most golfers take off their shoes, socks and roll up their trousers Daly opted to just walk right in. Did someone mention alligators?!?!?!