Lee McCoy Bounces Back from Car Accident to Secure his Web.com Tour Card

by Maura Hutchinson

American golfer Lee McCoy has made the most of his second Web.com Q-School appearance. Claiming his second victory of 2017 on last Sunday at the Web.com Tour Qualifying Tournament to earn full status on the Web.com Tour for 2018.

McCoy made it to the second stage of Q-school in 2016 before injuring his wrist in a motor vehicle accident that left him in a cast and unable to compete.

“It was brutal,” McCoy told reporters of the injury. “I was in a cast for six or seven weeks, I took it off and I was fine, so it wasn’t a career-ender or life threatening but it was just the worst possible timing.” Adding, “At some point, you just have to sit back and realise that sometimes you don’t have control over your life and sometimes it’s just part of the plan.”

The 23-year-old will now be hoping that the next part of the plan leads him to a full-time PGA Tour card. But for now he is just happy to know that next year there is a schedule and a plan. Something that goes a long way in taking the pressure off a young player trying to find their place in a very competitive environment.

McCoy explains that, “not having that added pressure of making the reshuffles and not knowing if I’ll be in the upcoming weeks, that’s huge. It definitely adds a level of comfort.”

You might say Christmas came early for McCoy who is now anxiously awaiting 2018!