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Mark Crossfield answers, Hybrids v Long Irons

by Maura Hutchinson

When you are looking to update your bag you need to know should I use a Hybrid or a Long Irons. Mark Crossfield is an avid Hybrid player where as his trusty golf partner Coach Lockey swears by his long irons.

The reason Mark would promote a hybrid as being more forgiving over a long iron is as follows. The Centre of gravity is back from the face, this means when you mishit the club it will be more stable than an long iron and in turn keep the club more stable through impact and give you a straighter shot.

Mark thinks it is far easier to hit the hybrids high and can still shape his shots with it them despite the traditional idea of long irons being the easier to shot shape. The number one thing to do before you buy (if possible) is to come to Stanmore and test the clubs with our custom fitter Darren.  

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