New Year’s Resolution - Make 2020 Your Year to Get Fit!

by Maura Hutchinson

Are you determined to start the New Year off on the right foot, and for you does that mean getting fit? Finding the right mindset and being focused on your goal is the perfect way to get through the rest of winter. GolfOnline is here to help make 2020 your year to get in shape! Here’s four simple steps we think will help...

Drink more water

This one seems easy enough, but the truth is, most of us find it difficult to opt for more H2O when there are other options available. By pledging to drink more water in the coming year, you are setting yourself up with the perfect base to get healthy. Swapping out fizzy drinks and juice for water is an easy way to cut down on calorie intake and also boost your body’s overall balance. Doing our research on this one, we found loads of benefits including boosted energy, clearer skin, less fatigue, better digestion and decreased muscle strain.

If another one of your New Year’s resolutions include using less plastic, we’ve got the perfect water bottle to help you kill two birds with one stone. Ecovessel’s THE BOULDER Insulated Water Bottle is crafted from premium stainless steel and uses a Dual use leak-proof top that allows for easy drinking. The bottle also features an interchangeable flip spout lid that can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Win, Win!

Track it all

Sometimes, all you need is a gadget to help get you motivated. In today’s tech-savvy world you can help give your fitness a boost with a simple wrist watch that will track your steps, keep tabs on your cardio and even help you out on the golf course. Garmin is a leader in the world of trackers. The brand remains at the forefront of the industry by consistently designing wearables that work for their customers. Creating stylish watches for golfers, bikers, swimmers and runners that also look good for everyday wear.

So why should you invest in one of these trackers? Wearing a fitness tracker is an easy way to remain accountable. It makes staying on top of your daily fitness routine a breeze, and also helps to encourage you to make little steps to improve your overall health.

At GolfOnline we stock a variety of Garmin options that will not only track your fitness, but also help improve your time on the links. From the simply stylish Garmin Approach S10 Golf Watch to the incredible Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch, you will find a variety of choices to help get your 2020 resolutions on the right path.

Ditch the Cart

A great resolution for your 2020 rounds would be a pledge to ditch the golf cart and get walking! This is an easy way to not only increase your steps for the day, but to also get your heart rate up as you carry your clubs. So what might help you get excited for the prospect of lugging your clubs around?

At GolfOnline we stock a variety of stand and carry golf bags to help ensure your load is lightweight and comfortable. From the latest range of Sun Mountain H2NO Bags to great offers available on Titleist, TaylorMade, Big Max and more!

Up the Cardio = More Rounds of 18

For those of us determined to drop a few lbs in 2020, the simple answer is one we probably don’t want to hear – more cardio! According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we should be aiming to get at least 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75-150 minutes vigorous-intensity exercise each week.

The great news is a round of golf is considered to be a moderate form of cardio. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to commit yourself to playing more in 2020!

Here’s the stats (just in case you need to justify those extra tee times):

⛳️ During your average 18 holes, you can expect to walk 12,000 steps or 8 kilometres.

⛳️ In 2018, an article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that regular rounds of golf could help to reduce the risk factors for illnesses such as heart disease and strokes.

⛳️ It has been confirmed that golfers live an average of five years longer than none golfers.

⛳️ Golfers also have a lower risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

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