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Save Time and Space with the Sun Mountain Combo Golf Cart

Save Time and Space with the Sun Mountain Combo Golf Cart
Looking to get the most out of your golf game in the New Year?  The Sun Mountain Combo Golf Cart will help in your quest by giving you a space-saving way to store and move your clubs around.

This incredible hybrid design perfectly blends Sun Mountain’s classic speed cart with a built-in rectangular bag.

Featuring a 14-way divider, seven pockets and available in five unique colour ways, the benefits of the Combo Golf Cart are easily distinguished.

By employing the three-wheel design concept, the Combo Cart easily folds down to fit in your car boot or can be conveniently stored vertically at home and in the clubhouse.

Its unique 2-in-1 approach occupies half the space of a separate cart and golf bag.  Saving you valuable time and energy you can then revert back into your game.

Another added bonus comes in the form of a fold-down seat located at the front of the cart, just in case you feel the need to take a break in between shots!

The Sun Mountain brand has been a leader in golf bag technology since its inception three decades ago, producing many industry firsts and continually striving to solve the problems faced by the modern-day golfer.

This drive to constantly better their designs has never been more evident than with their latest Combo Cart Design.  Easily making it your first no-brainer-buy of 2015!

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