The Cobra RADSPEED, Unlocking Speed and Forgiveness for Every Level of Player

by Maura Hutchinson

Cobra Golf is taking speed to new heights with their latest line of metal woods, the Cobra RADSPEED. Building upon the incredible success of the Cobra King SpeedZone range, the RADSPEED uses a unique balance of forward, back and heel-biased RADIAL weighting on the sole, to create the perfect symmetry for extreme speed, extreme forgiveness or draw bias, for those who need it. Read on to discover more about the raddest golf innovation we’ve seen for a long time.

Radius of Gyration

For their latest design revolution, Cobra engineers focused on something they call the Radius of Gyration, basically the distance from the club’s CoG to where any added weights are featured. Previously, a forward CoG was always considered better for distance, as it was able to create maximum ball speed. But with that ball speed also came elevated spin and decreased stability, equalling less forgiveness. On the other hand, a rear CoG increases stability and launch, but at the expense of speed and distance.

By increasing the Radius of Gyration, along with the distance between the front and back weights, Cobra claims they were able to achieve the perfect balance of ultra-low spin, radical ball speed and extreme forgiveness.

“RadSpeed design is about taking aim at the tradeoff of distance versus forgiveness and attacking that trade-off in an unconventional way,” explains Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for Cobra Golf.

3 Ways to Speed

Cobra wanted to ensure their latest line of drivers offered distinct performance benefits for every type of player. By utilising their new Radial Weighting technology, engineers strategically positioned the weight in each of the three RADSPEED models to ensure golfers of every level reap the rewards. But the brand also understands when they’ve got a technology that benefits everyone. As such, all three feature the incredible CNC Infinity Milled face that wraps around the body of the club, essentially stretching the sweet spot to protect against any mis-hits. A 460cc profile, a lighter T-Bar Speed Chassis and a thinner Carbon Fibre Wrap Crown has also been employed on all three models to help improve speed.

“Our new RADSPEED drivers represent a true breakthrough in performance. Our engineers have outdone themselves by pushing the Radius of Gyration to new levels and delivering three distinct drivers aimed at three different types of golfers. With the RADSPEED driver family, COBRA can truly offer optimized performance for everyone from Tour players to weekend warriors and those who need help correcting a slice,” Olsavsky says.


In the RADSPEED the weight is mostly behind the face for a more forward CoG. Perfect for golfers with a faster swing speed. Forgiveness and distance with faster ball speeds, low spin and trajectory control.

Available online now for £369. Take advantage of an extra £15 off per club when you buy 2 RADSPEED Woods (offer subject to availability).


In the RADSPEED XB the weights are positioned in the rear of the clubhead, for a CoG that’s further back. Engineered for the golfer that requires a little more height and forgiveness off the tee. This will be most golfers with a low-to-high handicap.

Available online now for £369. Take advantage of an extra £15 off per club when you buy 2 RADSPEED Woods (offer subject to availability).


The RADSPEED XD is specifically built for golfers looking to solve that pesky slice. Weight is fixed in the heel to help the face turn over more easily, helping you to hit the ball right-to-left. An additional 14 grams of weight has also been added to the rear of the clubhead for even more forgiveness.

Available online now for £369. Take advantage of an extra £15 off per club when you buy 2 RADSPEED Woods (offer subject to availability).

A Tour Review…

“The new RADSPEED Driver has enabled me to take my driving distance and accuracy to a new level. The performance afforded by RAD weighting delivers lower CG for better spin control at high speeds while still providing stability on off-center hits,” Cobra staffer, Bryson DeChambeau.

RAD Runs in the Family

Cobra continues the RAD trend in their new line of fairway woods and hybrids. Featuring the perfect balance of front and back weighting to deliver low spin, faster ball speed as well as high launch. Hollow Baffler Rails help to create more speed and improve turf interaction for better and more consistent contact.

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