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The New TSR Drivers & Metalwoods Challenge Golfers to ‘Find Your Faster’

The new Titleist TSR range is here and ready to prove its dedication to finding speed in every form. Titleist engineers have worked to create a line of drivers and fairway woods that represent the brand’s deepest, most complete, most validated understanding of the tee shot.

Setting a new standard for the Titleist Speed Project, every aspect of impact has been considered, constructed and optimised in service of their singular desire to produce more playable distance from every swing. Explore the new range below and discover the TSR that’s right for your game.


Titleist believes that there is greater speed hiding within your swing. With the TSR they’re keen to find it! Whether it’s spin, launch angle or impact point, there’s a TSR configuration that will help you max out more consistently and produce the faster ball speeds we’re all dreaming about.

The TSR range utilises Aerospace grade titanium, the same rare alloys employed by the guys at NASA! Featuring unique properties in terms of strength, recoil and durability, Titleist believes this is still the best performing metal on the planet

Beginning with the TS series, released in 2018, Titleist has been invested in exploring advanced aerodynamics to discover the best way to increase clubhead speed. With the TSR models, a new ‘boat tail’ shape has been employed to house the swing weight and move one more element of drag off the club sole.

The TSR Drivers feature not one but two new VFT construction approaches. Both variable face thickness designs offer specific performance benefits that can be precisely optimised for the exact swing type each model was created to serve. In the TSR fairways, Titleist engineers set out to improve the four Fs: Flight, Feel, Form and Forgiveness. The result is three new and improved distinct models that are packed with technology and advanced refinements to benefit every level of player.

Tour-Validated performance is behind every Titleist design. No matter what the computer models or testing might suggest, no product design is completed until it’s tested in the hands of Team Titleist. Direct feedback from the best players on Tour is used to engineer optimal look, sound and feel.

3 Game-Changing Driver Models

“New TSR drivers take everything that made TSi the most played driver on the PGA Tour and pack even more performance into every head. From new face technologies to CG improvements and aerodynamic refinements, TSR helps the golfer unlock more speed.” - Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Metalwood Development, Titleist



FACT FINDER: The TSR2 has been designed for maximum performance for on and off-centre hits. Improved aerodynamics make it faster through the air and a reimagined look and redesigned toe shape help to improve face angle at address. A Multi-Plateau VFT face has been expertly built inwards, layer by layer, to create consistent CT across the face with forgiveness and speed no matter the impact location. Featuring a 460cc head with adjustable swingweight and fixed CG location, an optimised CG placement (lower and more forward than prior generations) increases ball speed and improves launch and spin conditions.

EXPECT: High Launch, Low Spin

WHO’S IT FOR: Perfect for the player that tends to make contact across the entire face.



FACT FINDER: The TSR3 has been specifically engineered for speed, distance and playability with performance-tuned adjustability. A refined SureFit Adjustable CG Track System allows players to position CG exactly where they like it and need it most. Offering a customisable and repeatable set up to suit your swing. The advanced Speed Ring VFT Face was created using a conical variable face thickness, focusing the maximum CT/COR relationship into one central sweetspot. Like its predecessor, the TSi3, the TSR3 maintains the tour-preferred 460cc shape whilst benefiting from further refinements that improve aerodynamics.

EXPECT: Mid/High Launch, Low Spin

WHO’S IT FOR: This is a player's driver with optimal feel that provides speed, distance and playability through fine tuning.



FACT FINDER: The TSR4 is the ultimate low-spin driver. Featuring a 430cc shape with adjustable swingweight and CG location, every detail from sound to feel is fine-tuned to meet the standards of high spin players. Like the TSR2, the TSR4 features a multi-plateau VFT face so that the entire face can capture consistent speed and distance. Two adjustable weighting options allow players to further customise their spin profile – a heavier weight in the forward setting will maximise spin reduction, whilst moving the weight to the back will create more of a “TSR3.5” performance profile, according to Titleist.

EXPECT:  Mid/Low Launch, Low Spin

WHO’S IT FOR: Perfect for the player looking to neutralise excess spin. This is the ultimate low-spin driver, with added adjustability.

TSR Fairways – Engineered to Give Every Player an Advantage


“The new TSR fairway metals exemplify the newest advancements in metalwood technology and offer options for all golfers looking to gain an advantage off the tee and off the deck. Combined with its tour-inspired shaping and powerful sound and feel, the optimised performance of TSR fairways sets a new standard for the Titleist Speed Project.” - Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Metalwood Development, Titleist



FACT FINDER: The TSR2 Fairways offer maximum forgiveness, with the lowest CG of any Titleist Fairway for better speed and higher flight, without excessive backspin. A new Open Hosel Construction lends its way to a powerful new sound and feel that make this club an instant favourite. It has an adjustable swingweight and fixed CG location.

EXPECT:  High Launch, Mid-Spin

WHO’S IT FOR: Perfect for players looking for a lively response from every strike.



FACT FINDER: Engineered for the tee, the TSR2+ has a larger profile, taller face and more forgiveness than the TSR2. Featuring the deepest CG location of any Titleist Fairway, it’s been specifically created for maximum forgiveness and a straight, pure ball flight. It has an adjustable swingweight and fixed CG location.

EXPECT:  Mid/High Launch, Mid-Spin

WHO’S IT FOR: Featuring a larger profile and more forgiveness than the TSR2, it’s perfect for players looking for a long but more accurate driving option


FACT FINDER: Everything about this club is designed to encourage you to hit it square and long, with total control over where you place it. The TSR3’s CG location has been placed deeper, slightly lower and closer to the face centre to provide easy, high launch with loads of forgiveness. It has an adjustable swing weight and CG location to offer the ultimate in optimisation.

EXPECT:  Mid/High Launch, Low Spin

WHO’S IT FOR: For players seeking precision tuned performance they can dial in. The SureFit Adjustable CG track System features 5 positions that cover a range of adjustability that is wider and more precise.

The Titleist TSR range is now available to PRE-ORDER from GolfOnline. Still not sure which model is right for your game? Why not book a custom fit appointment with the GolfOnline team to really Find Your Faster with Titleist.

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