The Outerwear Galvin Green says you’ll want to wear for 95% of your Rounds

by Maura Hutchinson

We might be in the midst of one of the longest heat waves in British history by that doesn’t mean you can count on the sunshine lasting forever.  At the beginning of 2018 Galvin Green launched a line of outwear featuring the brand’s latest layering technology. Interface-1 is a state-of-the-art hybrid range the brand states you will wear 95 out of 100 rounds.

Building on to their successful multi-layer concept, Galvin Green’s new impressive line of shell garments have been specifically engineered to offer golfers the highest levels of performance and protection. These lightweight, windproof garments are also water repellent, super soft and extremely breathable. A perfect year-round essential for every golfer!

“We set out to find new fabrics and design quality garments that will act as genuine performance-enhancing equipment when called upon out on the course and the latest Interface-1 jackets are in a class of their own when it comes to regular playing conditions,” explained Galvin Green’s CEO Christian Nilsson earlier this year.

The premium golf brand is world-renowned for creating golf apparel that not only performs but also looks incredible on and off the course. While their price point is on the higher side (the Interface-1 collection ranges from £89.95 - £219.95) you can guarantee you are buying quality performance wear that will do exactly what it promises. Galvin Green’s motto to “Never Compromise” holds up time and time again. With the Interface-1 jackets proving the brand is still at the top of the golf apparel design game!

Check out the entire Interface-1 line available now at GolfOnline and experience for yourself the incredible brand that is also providing this year’s European Ryder Cup team with their outerwear.