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Titleist H1 & H2 Hybrids reviewed for us by Mark Crossfield

We enlisted the Youtube guru Mark Crossfield to take out and test the new Titleist H1 and H2 Hybrids. He has thoroughly tested them both out on the course and in his indoor studio with launch monitor. In this video Mark runs through the key aspects and differences between each club.

Mark Crossfield is so fond of the Titleist H1 Hybrid he already has it in his golf bag (at the time of filming) He likes the onset design, which is a little like a fairway wood as opposed to the H2 which is a little more like an iron utility wood.

The Titleist H2 has a higher toe as you might see in an iron and looks a little offset at address. Some of the features you will find in both hybrids are Surefit necks that enable you to tweak the loft up and down to achieve your desired trajectory and loft.

The active recoil channel on the sole creates face stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits. To really dial in on your shot shaping and forgiveness there is a Sure fit cartridge weight in the back of the sole that has weight slot that you can flip from one side to another. Allowing you to move the weight bias from the heel to the toe.

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