Tyrell Hatton Hilariously Reprimands Fiancée at the Italian Open

by Maura Hutchinson

The second round of the Italian Open took a funny turn, no one was expecting, especially the tournament’s 2017 champion Tyrell Hatton.

On Friday, Hatton was forced to stop mid-swing on the par-4 4th after being disturbed by a sound off to the side of the hole. The English golfer took a step back, looking in the direction of the noise and began to interact with a familiar spectator coming out of the toilet.

“Is that you? What you doing?” Hatton can be heard saying. He then turns to the camera and announces the woman whose door slam interrupted him is none other than his fiancée.

“You put me off! You should be ashamed!” the 27-year-old continues to call out as the crowd and announcers can be heard laughing on and off camera.