Which numbers count in your golf lesson?

by Maura Hutchinson

In this video Mark Crossfield is asked on Twitter by Callum Bell “Mark, I am a 14 handicap golfer wanting to learn about my swing. So I booked my first ever Tackman session. What should I look to find out. Help me bruh!?”

Mark thinks it is great that Callum is going for a lesson using the new technology. The most important part of such a lesson is that the coach interprets and then gives you the information in such a way that you understand. You do need to be conscious of your ball striking and make sure your coach is taking it into consideration when interpreting the numbers from the launch monitor. Mark then goes on to list a number of other aspects of the swing you will have information on.

Have you had a lesson using a launch monitor?
How did you feel after and what did you learn?