Why do some Blade Irons cost more?

by Maura Hutchinson

Mark Crossfield answers a question from Facebook from Mark Cappo's. "Why is there such a huge gap in price between blades and cavity back irons? Material, craftsmanship? Do you think cost is why so many people aren't gaming blades"?

As Mark discusses there are many reasons for the price difference. One of the main reasons is that forging a golf club costs more a considerable amount more than casting. Casting is for mass production. To make a cast irons you pour liquid metal into a mould, as opposed to the forging process where you have a lump of metal and cutting it down into a precise shape over many stages.

The market dictates the price, if people saw a set of forged irons at a much lower price range people would think there was something wrong and wouldnt trust the quality. Even if the set is just as good as anything else on the market.