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GolfBuddy Aim W12 Smart Golf GPS Watch
Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.
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Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.
GOLFBUDDY aim W12 GPS Golf Watch

GolfBuddy Aim W12 Smart Golf GPS Watch

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GOLFBUDDY aim W12 Golf GPS Watch

The GOLFBUDDY aim W12 is an advanced golf GPS smartwatch with features that are hard to beat. The industry-changing addition of Green Undulation makes the aim W12 the only device you need on the course. Know your lie from tee to green with the GOLFBUDDY aim W12.

Touch IP shows you the distance to a target point of your choosing, while also showing the distance from the target point to the green

When you tap anywhere on the hole view, you will be provided with an intersection point.
You will then have a distance to that point, as well as, a distance from that point to the green.

When the hole changes, you will see an automatic flyover to get an idea of what to expect on that specific hole.

GREEN UNDULATION - It will displays the gradation of the slope of the green through different colors - blue being the lowest point of incline and red being the highest.
This addition will give you a more realistic view of the course, resulting in more precision.


  • Automatic course & hole recognition
  • 10-hour battery life in Golf Mode
  • Distances to the front/center/ back of the green 
  • Distances to targets and hazards
  • Know your distance with automatically calculated slope-adjusted distances.
  • Green Undulation to show the slopes on the greens (Majority of US courses)
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Easy-to-use Digital Scorecard
  • Clock, Pedometer and Calorie counting function
  • Size -1.81” x 1.81”x 0.56”(46X46X14.4 mm)
  • Display -Full Colour 1.32” TFT-LCD
  • Interface -Micro USB & Bluetooth
  • Battery Type - Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
  • Preloaded with 40,000 courses worldwide with free updates

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