US Kids UL-48 Inch Boys 5-Club Golf Package Set

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Product Details

The ideal clubs for beginning golfers.

ULTRALIGHT clubs have lighter clubheads and more flexible shafts. They are the perfect starter clubs, A 9 Iron training club is the recommended club to help each player develop a good grip. After determining the player's height, golf becomes much easier with ULTRALIGHT Clubs.

Designed for the beginner to intermediate player with clubheads that are 20% lighter than adults. The flexible shafts help the developing player get the ball up into the air with ease. 3-Club Carry Set includes Fairway Driver, 6 Iron, 8 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Putter, Carry Bag.

  • Height Range - 46.5"-49.5"
  • Approximate ages - 6-8
  • Composite shaft Fairway Driver
  • Composite shaft 6 Iron, 8 Iron and PW
  • Steel shaft Putter
  • Dual-strap Carry Bag
  • WT-20 clubhead model
  • 431 stainless steel irons
  • Die cast aluminium woods
  • Lightweight composite graphite shafts
  • Correct grip size, lie angle and shaft flex