MKids Junior Lite Irons

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The MKids Junior Lite Irons allow you to build the perfect set or fill in the gaps that you have from buying the MKids Lite half set.

MKids have developed, designed and created the Lite iron range to provide optimal weight vs length that will allow the junior golfer to learn with a club that they can swing properly.

Available in three colour coded options the MKids Lite irons utilise the MKids Launch Control Shaft technology that will provide a high launch and trajectory for improved distance and stability at impact. Maximising distance, accuracy and control.

As you progress through the colour codes the length of the shaft and size of the grips get longer and bigger ensuring that you maintain the correct fundamentals that will help to provide the perfect swing.

Club Specification

Club Loft Length Grip
5 Iron 30° 31.5" .480"
6 Iron 33° 31" .480"
7 Iron 36° 30.5" .480"
8 Iron 40° 30" .480"
9 Iron 44° 29.5" .480"
P. Wedge 48° 29" .480"
S. Wedge 56° 29" .480"

Age Specifications

Yellow (45 inch) Orange (49 inch) Red (53 inch)
Age 5-7 years Age 6-8 years Age 7-9 years

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