Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter

The Big idea is Back

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Imagine a putter so revolutionary that it could improve your stroke. imagine a putter that puts your mind at ease. imagine a putter that will change the way people think about putting forever. The Big idea is Back. Relentless innovation and exploration are crucial to making products that revolutionize the game. Odyssey has made this a habit with our insert technology, the 2-Ball design and progressively shaped putters. it’s with a rebellious and independent flair for design and a dedication to the science of putting that allows us to continue giving golfers cutting edge putters that put the ball in the hole more often.

Visible Face Alignment
Allows the golfer to clearly see if the face is square to the target line without the shaft impeding the line of sight. This provides an unprecedented visual aid, lining up putts to the target line for precision accuracy.
Stroke Balance
Balancing the putter on the axis of the putting stroke promotes a fluid, stable stroke path that is more consistent, accurate and leads to better distance control.
Forward Press Stabilization
A hands forward position without de-lofting promotes an upward stroke into the ball. The shaft position also helps create a stable, straight line with the leading arm so the wrists are less likely to break down during the stroke. The ascending stroke imparts topspin faster, generating true roll. The position of the hands also encourages a longer and lower follow-through for better consistency.

White Ice Insert
The multi-layer insert has been fine-tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency and consistency. The inner core is 19 percent firmer to enhance the feel and 92 percent stiffer for better resiliency, leading to consistent distance control. The face surface has been roughened to enhance the sound at impact with softer golf balls. The rough texture also helps increase friction between the ball and the insert to promote forward roll.

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Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter

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I have tried a number of putters over the last year or so, and although happy with my Odyssey White Hot #5, I struggled to always get the ball rolling on-line. I managed to borrow one of these new 2 ball backstryke putters and ended up buying one the next day. It just seems to get the ball rolling and after 5 rounds of golf with this putter I can honestly say I have never 3 putted and there have been a rediculous number of 1 putts. It has increased my confidence on the greens. It doesn't really take that long to get used to the odd looks because it feels so nice when you strike the ball. All you have to do is read the line, line up the 3 balls (the two on the putter and your ball) and swing. If you miss, it's probably because you didn't read the line correclty. I 'm not one for changing my putters very often (I have only owned 4 in my 30 years of golfing) but if you're not happy with your putting give this one a go. There are 3 models to choose from. Patrick (7 handicap - but not for long!)