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Playing Golf Through The Winter

Playing Golf Through The Winter

The winter is great for many things, but your golf game is not one of them. So as the northern hemisphere approaches this cold, handicap destroying, time of year we thought it would be apposite to provide you with some tips to keeping your game sharp through the winter. We’ve looked at how you can keep your score low when the weather is cold, how to get the most out of your time at the driving range and even how you can improve your game without leaving the warm sanctuary of your home.

If you follow some of these tips we believe that next spring will see you hitting the greens stronger than ever before. Obviously we’ve looked at your swing, your short game and your putting. But we’ve also considered the best ways to improve the all-important mental side of your game as well as your fitness. If nothing else we will have given you a great reason to take your watching of golf on TV much more seriously.

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