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Pure2improve Stabilty Rod Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.
Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.

Pure2improve Stabilty Rod

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  • Most golfers understand the fundamental importance of balance to making a successful and repeatable golf swing. 
  • However, research has found that 95% of golfers are generally not aware of where their weight is positioned during the golf swing and will unconsciously make various adjustments throughout the swing to compensate for poor balance. 
  • Such adjustments have a detrimental effect on the golf swing with resulting loss of power, loss of accuracy, and general inconsistency. 
  • The Pure2Improve Stability Rod is a revolutionary golf practice and training aid that helps golfers of all abilities to develop a better understanding of weight distribution and balance at address and throughout the entire golf swing. 
  • This in turn promotes an improved golf swing with more powerful, accurate and consistent ball striking and a smoother more reliable putting stroke. 
  • This balance aid helps golfers to develop an awareness of where weight is positioned when addressing the golf ball (static balance) and during the actual golf swing (dynamic balance). 
  • By hitting golf shots while standing on the P2I Stability Rod, golfers develop an intuitive feel for balance and instinctively make the corrective adjustments to rectify any imbalance. 
  • After using this aid for very short time you are able to feel the difference between good and poor balance and will see immediate benefits to your overall golf game. 
  • One of the key advantages is that the adjustments required to the golf swing happen quite instinctively. 
  • There are no complex drills to master, and the brain quickly figures out what needs to be done to achieve better balance and fine-tunes the body\'s physical movements accordingly. 
  • It\'s much like learning to ride a bike whereby the body is forced to make many subtle adjustments to maintain balance: this process seems quite difficult at first, but once mastered, adjustments are instinctive with no conscious thought of having to continuously reposition weight to maintain balance. 
  • P2I Stability Rod. 
  • This to improve your balance for more consistency in your full swing, putts and chips. 
  • This training aid helps you to improve your game. 90 x 8cm, with pure logo. 
  • Packed in colourbox.

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