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Dalton McCrary's Straight Talking Golf DVD
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Disclaimer: Images are provided by the manufacturer and actual colours may appear quite different on product.

Dalton McCrary's Straight Talking Golf DVD

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How to Hit a Golf Ball as 'STRAIGHT' as you can Point!

Millions of Weekend Golfers have improved their game with Dalton McCrary's revolutionary, step-by-step, Straight Talking Secrets. Dalton's system is considered the most effective instructional program in the history of Golf and the golf industry's only proven straight-shot system.

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15 years after the release of his first video he has revised every part of his teaching process. You will learn everything from grip, stance and posture, to Dalton’s revolutionary secrets: how to keep your club head square longer through the impact zone, how to stay balanced throughout your entire swing and The truth about the so-called “LATE RELEASE”.

How & Why this System Works:

Dalton's Straight Talking system is based on sound golf fundamentals and an understanding of how our bodies are designed. Dalton communicates golf instruction differently and simpler than you've ever heard it before. This will allow your mind to tell your body to 'do something different' than what it has done in the past. Whatever your mind believes, your body will achieve. Dalton's Straight Talking System consists of Five step-by-step instructional lessons which are broken down into philosophy, method, and technical drills. The system is designed to reprogram your 'personal swing computer' and instantly improve your swing, turning you into a Straight Talking Master of the game!

In this exclusive, game-transforming system you will discover the secrets of:

  • How to hit straight, crisp golf shots and improve your game instantly
  • Break old habits and learn how to program your mind
  • Why you don't improve and why you will improve NOW!
  • The myth of the 'Late Release'
  • Why your shots 'Hook' and 'Slice'
  • How to simplify your game
  • How to self-diagnose your golf swing and fix it immediately
  • Dalton's proven, confidence-Building 'Straight Talking Drills'
  • How to keep the clubface square longer through the impact zone!
You are about to learn how to lower your score, shrink your margin of error, and hit golf shots straighter and further than you ever dreamed possible!

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