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The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad โ€“ Golf Online

Guide To Planning a Golf Trip Abroad

Golf is undeniably one of the most popular world-wide sports. Played by men, women and children of all ages, taking a holiday to one of the world's top golf resorts takes careful planning. Our infographic offers a guide to planning an ultimate golf trip abroad. Starting with tips on choosing the right people to go with, to finding the best golf destinations around the world. We have included practical tips on money matters such as insurance, flights and accommodation, and also highlighted some of the expected golf etiquettes and equipment required when playing courses around the world. We have crunched the numbers to show the growth of golf trips to the most popular world-wide destinations. You will see that golf tourism plays a huge role in the European and USA economy. With a little insight from our guide, planning your trip to one of the best golf destinations should be made a little smoother.

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