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US Kids - Perfect Swings begin with a Perfect Fit

To kids US Kids develop a proper release with high hand speed, the driver should never be too long. It should fit as it does for adults. Adult drivers are apporimately 2/3 their height.

The 2/3 Solution

Player's Height x 2/3 (.667) = Perfect Fit Driver

For a beginner to intermediate player 51" in height a 34" Driver is recommended. For more advanced players a 35" US Kids Tour Series Driver is recommended. (other clubs are proportionately sized based on the Driver length).

U/L - UltraLight

The ideal clubs for beginning golfers

clubs have lighter clubheads and more flexible shafts. They are the perfect starter clubs, A 9 Iron training club is the recommended club to help each player develop a good grip. After determining the player's height, golf becomes much easier with ULTRALIGHT Clubs.
  • Yearly fitting is essential to achieve and maintain proper swing development, as kids grow 2.5 to 3" per year.
  • Precise club lengths are scaled for each height size. Woods increase 2" in length, while irons, wedges and putters increase 1.5" for each size change.
  • ULTRALIGHT Drivers are 1" shorter than TOUR SERIES Drivers for the same height size to help the beginning player achieve success more easily - the 2/3 solution.
  • Clubhead weight increases as the player grows taller, ut is still less than the weight in TOUR SERIES ckubs for the same height size. WT -30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 are 30%, 25%, 20%, 15% and 10% lighter than adult equipment.
  • Kids-flex lightweight composite shafts are frequency matched, spined, and flexible for slower swing speeds. Grips increase in size for appropriate feel.

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