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The pursuit of the perfect golf club...

The Vega Golf concept is one that utilises its Japanese roots. Since the 5th Century, the art of the Samurai Sword has been a skill passed down through generations of families. In the 20th Century, Vega Golf was born using the unique skills set of the Samurai craftsmen to create precision forged golf clubs.   
By fusing old and new concepts, Vega has been able to produce unique designs that represent the ultimate combination of strength and beauty, bridging the gap between luxury, technology, precision and art. Each of the Vega clubs is repeatedly heated, hammered and polished to ensure the removal of air bubbles in the steel. This unique process helps to increase strength and also distributes the naturally occurring strengthening properties of carbon steel throughout the clubface. 

The company was the first to produce forged cavity backed irons, and works tirelessly to continue pushing the boundaries of golf club innovation. GolfOnline is proud to carry the Vega Golf hardware range. If for any reason you are unable to find the Vega product you are looking for on our website, contact our Team today and we will try and assist you.

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