Vega RAD-04 Driver

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Mark Crossfield reviews the new VEGA Golf RAD-04 Driver

Vega Custom Fitting Centre

Vega Custom Fitting Centre

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2 Year Warranty Free Matching Headcover Included

The Vega RAD-04 driver is the most technically advanced driver that Vega have ever produced and with the adjustability and shaft options available golfers of all standards can take advantage.

Vega feature an adjustable weight in the back of the RAD-04 driver, three additional weight port options will allow you to change launch conditions, see below for an example:

Heavier Weight Screw -
Will provide a more forgiving, higher ball flight that will increase carry distance and increase the stability of the head by lowering the centre of gravity.
Standard Weight Screw -
Will provide a stable ball flight with increased carry distances whilst keeping the spin rates down.
Lighter Weight Screw - Will take a lot of the spin off your driver for a much stronger ball flight suited for the golfer looking for a lower, less spin ball flight.

All you need to is specify which weight you want included in the head using the custom tab above and the club will be ordered from Vega with that weight in it.

To keep the ball speeds high across the hole face on the RAD-04 driver a forged Titanium body and a heat treated 6-4 Titanium face have been used, the heat treated face not only produces more strength and power but reduces weight so that the CG can be located lower and deeper in the head for more forgiveness.

Vega have incorporated their new Airflow stabiliser design on the sole and back to help keep the club head on path throughout the swing whilst reducing drag to produce faster swing speeds. An additional third stabilising bar on the sole further lowers CG whilst reducing spin for the perfect launch.

To fine tune the launch and spin rates Vega have used an adjustable hosel design that will allow you to change the loft from the standard loft on the head to lower, higher or more upright.

As premium technologies have been used in the head it is only fitting that Vega have used a premium shaft that compliments the head.These high grade Vega shafts are less flexible and regain their shaft quicker on the downswing to produce a consistent impact and reduce the amount the golfer needs to rely on timing because of the stability of the shaft. Each and every one of the Vega shaft benefits from their relationship with SST Pure, every shaft is SST Pured for the most incredible consistency.

Two colours are available in the premium Vega shafts, see below which one will suit your game:
White - Mid-high launch, mid weight and a mid kick point
Red - Low launch and a high kick point.


Loft 9 10 11 12.5
Lie 60 60 60 60
Head Weight (No Weight Screw) 190 190 190 190

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