Wilson Staff 8882 Series Putter

Timeless 8802 shape

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Wilson Staff 8882 Series Putter
Inspired by timeless Wilson putters and updated with precision milling, the all-new Wilson Staff 888 putter series delivers several upgrades in a pure blend of classic design sure to appeal to every generation of golfer. 8882 Timeless 8802 shape, heel shaft, offset gooseneck hosel.

  • VDP Alignment Technology
    Visual Plane Differential – or VDP Technology – uses multi-surface markings to help players consistently get their eyes into the correct position directly above the putting target line.
  • Dual Milled Face
    The fi rst pass milling operation ensures a fl at face for consistency. Secondary master grooves are then added to promote forward spin and reduce skid after impact. The arched shape of these secondary grooves imparts a slight sidespin on heel and toe impacts, helping to bring the ball back on line.
  • Improved Feel
    A low durometer, soft polymer VRAD grip by Golf Pride wraps a stepless barrel shaft for improved feel and feedback.

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Wilson Staff 8882 Series Putter

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Great classical putter with a slightly modernized look. Very nice and clean look at adress, white dot is enough to align the ball on the face and the putter feels dead easy to set up properly on line to target. For me this is a great alternative to my 2-bar Rife putter. This 8882 is more of a \"feel\" putter, I feel more connected to the green and the ball, whereas the 2-bar is more of a \"stroke\" putter. A 3 m putt with a break is actually fun with this 8882 putter. The Winn grip is OK. I'm not too fond of the headcover though, looks good but the minute size of the 8882 model means the headcover tends to rotate a bit. Not a big problem, but I'd prefer a retro knitted \"sock\" model. All in all: easy to recommend to anyone looking for classic look, nice finish and a super priced putter.