Wilson Staff Di9 Irons (Graphite Shaft)

Distance superiority

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Di9 Distance Irons (Graphite Shaft)
Greater accuracy. Improved feel
All new Di9has been delivered after learning a lot from Wilson Staff's award-winning Di7 iron . Distance superiority. Greater accuracy. Improved feel. The Di9 is more powerful, more accurate & more fun to play. Integrated Design. Generate maximum power. Stabilise the power for straighter flight. Reduce impact vibration for better feel.

  1. Low Profile, Wide Sole
    A lower profile & wider sole lowers the CG promoting a higher and straighter ball flight for greater distance.
  2. Stability, Speed and Feel
    While the wide tip controls twisting inherent in today’s oversized iron heads, the reduced weight generates maximum club head speed for even greater distance. This is the softest wide-tip shaft ever produced. Wilson’s patented wide-tip technology is applied to super lightweight shafts from UST and True Temper.
  3. Higher Ball Speed
    Comparative distance testing shows ball speed off of the Di9 to be superior, resulting in greater distance from a hot, responsive face.


Bigger Sweet Spot
While its low-profile, wide-sole head design is visually appealing, it is also highly functional. Because 85% of all shots are hit from the centre to the toe, the Di9 incorporates a toe-friendly cavity that extends the sweet spot to where most shots are hit.

Highest MOI
Di9 has the highest MOI when compared to key competitors.

Wide-Tip Stability
A low profile head moves the centre of gravity (CG) down for higher ball flight. A wide sole moves the CG back for greater stability and a wider shaft tip reduces twisting on off-centre hits.

Vibration Dampening
Covering the entire length of the cavity is a low duro meter, vibration-dampening urethane medallion which expands the sweet spot to the entire length of the face. The urethane insert is thicker in the heel & serves as a shock-trap that reduces the vibrations that travel through the hosel, up the shaft and into your hands.

New High Performance Grip Technology
The aggressive design on the fully functional grips have blister-free zones under thumbs and lower fore-finger. The vertical & horizontal grooves promote torsional traction for rotation.

Shaft Properties

The all-new UST .370” Proforce V2 is designed with a softer tip section producing a higher launch angle, in a lightweight (65g) construction to deliver higher club head speeds.


The Di9 Irons were awarded a Silver Medal in the Super Game Improvement Irons section of the Golf Digest 2009 Hot List.  It was awarded this based on its playability, feel and looks.

In Spring 2009, Today's Golfer magazine voted the Di9 Irons "Golf's Most Powerful Irons".

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Wilson staff Di9 irons

Overall (5 out of 5 stars):
By from United Kingdom on

I bought these clubs recently and am extremely impressed with them. The shorter irons give you great control and the longer irons still provide you with control as well as providing you with the distance of your shots. My only niggle about them are that they sometimes don't offer the forgiveness that your looking for when using the 4 and 5 irons.

Control with Short Irons:
Control with Long Irons:

Always a positive experience

Overall (5 out of 5 stars):
By from Denmark on

I have been playing with these for two years and even though my opportunities to play golf are quite irregular these irons always provide me with a very positive golfing experience and I feel confident using them. I have a tendency to hit high trajectories (rather than long ones), but this seems to be the case with both irons and woods so I doubt that the irons are at fault. :-)

Control with Short Irons:
Control with Long Irons:

Wilson Staff Di9 Irons (Graphite Shaft)

Overall (5 out of 5 stars):
By on

I bought these irons last year november and I must say they are great. Although I just started to play one year ago, these irons really improved my game. More distance and more accuracy.