Wilson Staff D-FY Combo Iron Set (Half/Half Shaft) 2011

Half Graphite & Half Steel Shaft

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Wilson Staff d-fy Irons

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The New HALF & HALF Graphite and Steel combined Shaft technology from Wilson is one of the main features in this combination set of irons and hybrids. Combining steel and graphite means that you get the lightness and feel of graphite in the hands, but with stability and playability of steel in the tip. The extra benefit of this shaft is the way it gets the ball air born really quickly because the shaft hinges at the join and the tip. The set also comprises of long irons in the form of hybrids and hollow out irons and  the mid to short irons in the traditional cavity back.

Aimed at mid to high handicapper, the Wilson D-FY irons are a great, easy to use set of irons.

Combo Set for the Mid to High handicap Player

Innovation abounds in the all new D-FY™ transition set, starting with seamlessly fused FYbrid® long-club technology, powerful hollow-core mid-range clubs and accurate perimter-weighted scoring irons. But the real breakthrough is a Half-and-Half™ shaft that delivers the speed and soft feel of graphite with the precision and consistency of steel. It's the best of both worlds for the low-to-mid swing speed player.

Integrated Set Design
This fully-integrated 8-piece set delivers seamless performance with built-in distance gapping. The 19.5 FY and 4-hybrid bring long-range accuracy and flexibility. Hollow 5-iron and 6-iron utilize an easy-to-hit ultra wide sole design. Tradiitonal cavity back designs in the 7-iron through PW provide maximum forgiveness and distance control.


Half-and-Half Shaft
A proprietary co-curing process fuses a graphite section with a steel section into a single high performance shaft that out performs its steel and graphite counterparts in distinct areas. For the low-to-mid swing speed player, this patent-pending half and half shaft adds clubhead speeds and overall distance without sacrificing the pinpoint accuracy expected from steel.

Graphite Portion
The graphite portion extends from under the hands through the mid-section, removing unnecessary weight from under the hands and providing extremely high vibration dampening where it is needed most.

Steel Portion
The steel portion extends from the midsection through the tip of the shaft, providing low torque at the tip for straighter shots on off-center hits.