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Yonex Golf

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Yonex Ladies Ezone XPG Fairway WoodYonex Ladies Ezone XPG Fairway Wood£199.95quick find # G16929Quick ViewYonex Ezone XPG DriverYonex Ezone XPG Driver£259.95quick find # G16914Quick ViewYonex Ezone XPG Fairway WoodYonex Ezone XPG Fairway Wood£199.95quick find # G16915Quick ViewYonex Ezone XPG HybridYonex Ezone XPG Hybrid£159.95quick find # G16916Quick ViewYonex Ezone XPG Irons  Graphite ShaftYonex Ezone XPG Irons Graphite Shaft£99.95 - £699.95quick find # G16917Quick ViewYonex Z-Force Irons  Graphite ShaftYonex Z-Force Irons Graphite Shaft£499.00quick find # G16931Quick ViewYonex Ladies Ezone Cart BagYonex Ladies Ezone Cart Bag£159.95quick find # G15419Quick ViewYonex Golf Ezone Cart Bag 2015Yonex Golf Ezone Cart Bag 20152 Colours£179.95£159.95quick find # G14783Quick ViewYonex Ladies Reine Irons  Graphite ShaftYonex Ladies Reine Irons Graphite Shaft£499.95quick find # G14777Quick ViewYonex Z-Force Irons  Steel ShaftYonex Z-Force Irons Steel Shaft£359.95quick find # G14776Quick ViewYonex Ladies Reine HybridYonex Ladies Reine Hybrid£99.95quick find # G14774Quick ViewYonex Ladies Reine Fairway WoodYonex Ladies Reine Fairway Wood£129.95quick find # G14773Quick ViewYonex Ladies Reine DriverYonex Ladies Reine Driver£179.95quick find # G14772Quick ViewYonex Z-Force DriverYonex Z-Force Driver£178.95quick find # G14769Quick ViewYonex Z-Force Fairway WoodYonex Z-Force Fairway Wood£128.95quick find # G14770Quick ViewYonex Z-Force HybridYonex Z-Force Hybrid£98.95quick find # G14771Quick ViewYonex Ladies Ezone XP HybridYonex Ladies Ezone XP Hybrid£88.95quick find # G12785Quick ViewYonex Ezone XP HybridYonex Ezone XP Hybrid£149.95£88.95quick find # G12784Quick ViewYonex Ezone XP Irons  Graphite ShaftYonex Ezone XP Irons Graphite Shaft£649.95£549.95quick find # G12786Quick ViewYonex Ezone XP Irons  Steel ShaftYonex Ezone XP Irons Steel Shaft£569.95£449.95quick find # G12787Quick ViewYonex Ladies Ezone XP Irons  Graphite ShaftYonex Ladies Ezone XP Irons Graphite Shaft£649.95£549.95quick find # G12788Quick ViewYonex Ezone XP Fairway WoodYonex Ezone XP Fairway Wood£179.95£98.95quick find # G12782Quick ViewYonex VXF Irons  Steel ShaftYonex VXF Irons Steel Shaft£399.00£349.95quick find # G10509Quick ViewYonex Ladies VMS Irons  Graphite ShaftYonex Ladies VMS Irons Graphite Shaft£479.95£379.95quick find # G7626Quick View
24 items
Minoru Yoneyama, a former producer of wooden floats for fishing nets, founded Yonex in 1946. Driven out of his previous industry by the introduction of plastic floats, Yoneyama vowed to never again be forced out of a trade due to technology. After some success introducing aluminium into tennis and badminton racquets, the Japanese brand pioneered the manufacturing of golf clubs using raw carbon materials.

By consistently staying on top of the latest innovations, Yonex is able to live up to its motto of 'far beyond ordinary technology'. Well known brand ambassadors include Scott Hoch and Phil Mickelson, as well as Colin Montgomerie and the teenage sensation Ryo Ishikawa.

At GolfOnline we stock an extensive range of Yonex equipment. From the latest Ezone XPG Driver, that promises incredible distances, consistency and adjustability to the state-of-the-art Ezone Stand Bag, featuring a seven-way divider and four-point harness double strap system, you’ll find the best selection from the Japanese brand here. If for any reason you cannot find an item on our website, contact us and we can order directly from Yonex (subject to availability).
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