All You Need to Know About Golf Shoes

Golf is a game that really keeps you on your feet. For your average 18 holes, golfers can expect to walk around 4-6 miles. To ensure your performance stays on target, you want a comfortable pair of golf shoes.

With so many different brands and options, picking the right pair of golf shoes can seem a daunting task. At GolfOnline we want to make your golf purchasing as easy as possible. Below you’ll find our All You Need to Know guide for golf shoes, where we break down the difference between spike and spikeless, explain laces versus BOA, and more

The Basics

When looking for the perfect golf shoe, there are three things to keep in mind – Comfort, Fit and Traction. You want to make sure your footwear provides a good and stable fit that will support your feet throughout your round. Comfort is also key to ensuring your focus remains on your golf game and not on sore feet! Traction, especially in wet weather conditions, is also essential to maintaining a good stance throughout your swing.

By focussing on these three areas, you should be able to narrow down the best selection of golf shoes for your feet. But there are some other vital metrics you might want to learn more about.

The Spike Vs. Spikeless Debate


The days of metal spike golf shoes are pretty much behind us. Today’s spiked golf shoes feature softer plastic or rubber spikes that are not only kinder to the greens, but still offer great grip and traction when and where you need it most. More traditional styles employ spiked designs to give players the comfort, stability and support they’re used to. 

GolfOnline stocks a well-selected range of spiked golf shoes, featuring the latest in performance-enhancing technology. Check out our full collection and take advantage of special discounts and offers available throughout the year.

Another great thing about these more modern spikes, is that they are replaceable, meaning you can get even more use out of your favourite golf shoes. At GolfOnline we carry a variety of replacement spikes and recommend checking the wear of yours every 15-20 rounds. Here’s our handy guide to finding the right replacement spikes for your shoes:

1. The fastest and easiest way to get started is to remove your spikes and have a good look at the receptacle. This can be done using a spike wrench. Need a wrench? Check out the selection of golf spike wrenches available now at GolfOnline.

2. Once you have a clear view of the receptacle it’s easy to identify the spikes you require. Have a look at the table below to find your match.


In recent years we are seeing more and more golfers turning to spikeless golf shoes on the course. Featuring the latest in technology, spikeless golf shoes offer superior comfort, protection and support, with the added benefit of being able to be worn both on and off the golf course.

The decision between spiked or spikeless golf shoes really comes down to personal choice. The spikeless golf shoes of today feature rubber nubs on the outsole of the shoe to help provide proper grip and traction.

At GolfOnline we are proud to stock a massive collection of spikeless golf shoes featuring the latest in golf performance technology as well as the most up-to-date fashion trends. Shop the newest lines as well as heavily discounted ranges for men, women and even junior golfers.

BOA Lace System

We are all familiar with shoelaces, but you might not know what the BOA Fit System is. A number of golf shoe companies, including ECCO, adidas and FootJoy, now use BOA Laces in their designs, making it easier than ever to secure a proper fit.

So, what exactly is the BOA advantage? On BOA shoes you will find a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces and low friction lace guides. This gives wearers the freedom to customise fit with unbelievable exactness. All of the BOA fit configurations deliver concentrated closure to different zones for customisable control. Most make it easy to tighten, adjust and feature quick release so you’re not spending ages tying and untying your golf

At GolfOnline we are proud to stock a variety of golf shoes featuring the BOA Fit System. Shop the entire collection available now.

Waterproof Technology

As any good golfer knows, the weather on a golf course can change at a moment’s notice. Being prepared for every eventuality is key to ensuring your game stays on track no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

For wet and rainy conditions, waterproof golf shoes are an absolute must. Keeping your feet dry and comfortable is vital to maintaining focus when you need it most. The top golf shoe manufacturers not only produce waterproof golf shoes, but many also offer 1-2 year guarantees.

At GolfOnline we carry a large range of waterproof golf shoes. If you are in doubt whether or not the shoes you’re looking at offer waterproof protection, please read the full product description or get in touch with a member of the GolfOnline Team who will be able to assist you further.

Golf Shoe Maintenance

Sustainability is proving to be a hot topic on everyone’s mind. In terms of your golf shoes, there are many ways you can ensure you’re getting the most out of wear. We’ve already touched upon replacement spikes above, but other accessories such as shoe bags, polish and cleaners can also help to increase golf shoe longevity.

Cleaning your golf shoes in between rounds is a simple way to improve performance, ensuring the soles are completely dirt free and that spikes or rubber nubs are clean and clear of debris.

When you’re not using your golf shoes, we recommend storing them in a golf shoe bag to keep them protected and clean. At GolfOnline we stock a range of shoe bags perfect for the job.

Leather shoes can be polished to keep them looking as fresh as the day you bought them, while some fabric golf shoes can be washed. For more information we recommend checking full product descriptions for specific care directions. Once you know what you need for your golf shoes, visit our shoe care section here.

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