Bubba Watson Fancies a Political Career after Golf

by Maura Hutchinson

Earlier this week Bubba Watson let it be know his plans for when retirement from professional golf rolls around – Mayor of Pensacola, Florida!

Speaking to the Associated Press, Watson confirmed that a life in politics was not totally out of the question for when it comes time to hang up his pink driver.

“I’ve had a dream,” said Watson. “I moved back in the city limits of Pensacola (Florida) so one day I can run for mayor.”

Sounds nuts, right?  But hold up - maybe it’s not so crazy as we first thought. The 38-year-old is already deeply rooted into the local community. He is partial owner of a minor league baseball team, just opened a local sweet shop (that apparently his mum works in!), as well as other ventures including a car dealership and robotics company. Watson is very clear that he does not want to be limited in how people perceive him.

“It’s funny, I say to my friends, I say to my wife, to my manager, to my team that if you say ‘Bubba Watson the golfer,’ then you’re limiting who I am, who I want to be and who I think I am,” Watson explained earlier this year at the HSBC Champions. “These other businesses are fun. Golf is fun.  The golf is great.  But there are other things I want to do. I have other dreams. Golf made it possible. Luckily for me, haven’t had bank loans.  I’m able to pay cash for these things.”

So let’s get this straight – the guy behind The Bubba Hovercraft and this summer’s Jetpack Golf Cart is now talking about running a city in Florida? Stranger things have happened folks. Let’s sit back and see if Watson really does trade in that pink driver for a suit and pink tie.