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Callaway goes Epic with New Driver and Fairway Wood Ranges

by Maura Hutchinson

Callaway Golf is starting off 2017 in a big way – unveiling their latest designs in the GBB Epic and GBB Epic Sub Zero Drivers and Fairway Woods. Touting them as premier ranges packed with technology that no one else has. So are they really that epic???

Callaway insists the key that sets the Epic and Epic Sub Zero apart from other metal woods is the brand’s new and revolutionary Jailbreak Technology. A development Callaway’s R&D department has been working on for four years! Consisting of two-3g titanium bars placed behind the clubface, Jailbreak Technology creates a strong connection between the crown and sole of the head. This connection helps to stiffen the face and keep the crown from bulging during impact. The result is more impact load on the ball for greater ball speed across the whole of the face.

The Callaway GBB Epic Driver combines Jailbreak Technology with a lightweight yet strong titanium EXO-Cage and Triaxial carbon crown to offer players more forgiveness than ever before. At just 9.7g the Epic boasts the lightest crown Callaway have ever produced, allowing the brand to redistribute weight elsewhere in the club to give the Epic higher launch and lower spin capabilities. To further customise the club to an individual’s swing, Callaway have redesigned an adjustable track and 17g sliding weight in the Epic for 21-yards of shot shaping correction. Offering you more control and greater distance when you need it most.

Last week Callaway introduced its latest technology and got some added exposure when it was revealed that Rory McIlroy would be using the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver in his first appearance of 2017 later this week. Employing the same Jailbreak Technology as the Epic, the Sub Zero further benefits from two interchangeable weights (12g and 2g) positioned at the front and back of the sole. By placing the heavier weight forward you can lower the spin rate. By placing the heavier weight back you can increase forgiveness resulting in a higher launch and longer carry. Allowing players to choose the position of the weights greatly increases the spin and trajectory control of the Sub Zero. A positive for both tour players and amateurs alike!!!

The Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Woods and GBB Epic Sub Zero Fairway Woods don’t have the Jailbreak Technology like their drivers but that doesn’t mean Callaway hasn’t packed them with game-changing technology. Crafted from the same light triaxial carbon the crowns weigh less than 6g giving these fairway woods a lower CoG for less spin and higher launch. The main difference between the two models is that the Sub Zero Fairway Woods feature two interchangeable weights (3g and 22g) at the front and back of the head to help more players optimise their ball flight trajectory.

The entire Callaway GBB Epic and GBB Epic Sub Zero ranges will be available to buy January 27, 2017 but you can place your pre orders now at GolfOnline.  

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