Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedges – The Most Aggressive Groove in Golf

by Maura Hutchinson

Callaway Golf are once again pushing the boundaries of innovation, taking spin and control to the next level with their latest wedge designs. Read on to find out more about the incredible Jaws MD5 Wedges, available to pre-order now from GolfOnline.

Dramatically Different Grooves…

Roger Cleveland has been designing wedges for Callaway for the last 23 years. As lead designer, he knows what every golfer is looking for from their wedge – consistently high spin that allows you to attack the pin. For the Jaws MD5, Cleveland and the Callaway engineers decided to rethink their approach to groove design. The results offer golfers total performance in premium shapes, striking finishes and extraordinary feel.

The all-new Jaws groove design works by incorporating an extremely sharp edge radius that combines with Callaway’s proven Groove-in-Groove technology to help promote more spin and better control. This revolutionary groove cutting process produces the sharpest edges and tightest tolerances Callaway has ever achieved.

“I think you could say this is a little bit of an upsetting of the apple cart,” Callaway’s senior Vice President of R&D told Golf Digest earlier this month. “Most of the time when people talk about grooves they talk about steep walls as the thing that generates spin, but a lot of the testing we’ve done has suggested that you prize that edge. The edge dominates in generating spin, particularly on short shots where there’s not a lot of deformation on the ball.”


Engineered from 8620 mild carbon steel, the centre of gravity on the Jaws MD5 is precisely placed to create a soft, yet substantial feel. In an effort to ensure every golfer can reap the benefits of this new design, Callaway offers the Jaws MD5 in 23 different loft-bounce combinations, featuring five hand-crafted grind options.

“Solid contact is crucial for consistent spin, which depends on smooth interaction between the sole and the turf,” explains Cleveland. “That’s why we’re offering Jaws MD5 in a wide range of grinds to match specific swing types and turf conditions.”

C-Grind (54 – 60 degrees)
Offers increased relief on the heel and toe area to make it easier to play a wider variety of shots with an open face. Perfect for firm conditions, this grind features an 8 degree bounce.

Low Bounce W-Grind (58 & 60 degrees)
This grind is tapered from heel to toe, making the sole wider in the mid-section with added heel relief. Perfect for soft, medium conditions, this grind features an 8 degree bounce.

S-Grind (46 – 60 degrees)
Featuring a medium-width sole with a slight ribbon at the back, this grind offers moderate heel relief to ensure the leading edge stays low through impact. It’s perfect for soft, medium and firm conditions and features a 10 degree bounce.

X-Grind (58 & 60 degrees)
Offers a narrow, high-bounce crescent sole with the low point near the front. Perfect for soft, medium conditions, this grind features a 12 degree bounce.

W-Grind (50 – 60 degrees)
Featuring a wider centre and toe area on the sole, this grind offers moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber that prevents digging without increasing bounce. Perfect for soft conditions, it also features a 12 degree bounce.

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