Calling Golfers Through - Debate

by Maura Hutchinson

Every couple of weeks we get Mark Crossfield to ask our customers and his fans if they have any questions on anything Golf related. In this video Gary Gardner on Facebook asks.

"Can you discuss or even investigate the fastest way to let a group through. E.g tee off first, wave them through at the green or just wait at the tee.

Mark discusses the techniques he and Coach Lockey use when they are out filming. They often let a group through when they are filming and so holding them up, they usually hit up with the group to keep their game moving. You might find yourself in a slow paced group, but letting one group through could slow you down even more, so playing alongside the group you let through is important to keep your game moving. The main things you need to do is walk quickly between shots, play ready golf, make sure you are ready to play your shot when it is your turn and be considerate to others on the course.