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Cleveland CBX2 Wedges – Forgiveness for All

Cleveland Golf had you in mind when creating their latest wedge. In an effort to help ensure the average golfer is always hitting the “sweet spot,” the brand’s new CBX2 Wedges feature incredible amounts of versatility and forgiveness.

A Sequel that doesn’t Disappoint…

Cleveland knows that a sequel rarely lives up to the original. That’s why they have pulled out all the stops to ensure the new CBX2 Wedges garner you off-the-charts forgiveness and buttery softness. Featuring a lighter hosel, a tapered flange, a wider toe and a game-changing Hollow-Cavity design, these wedges promise you’ll hit the sweet spot 25 percent more of the time.

After studying how and where golfers miss their wedge shots, Cleveland engineers reconfigured the internal weighting on the CBX2. By moving the centre of gravity slightly towards the toe and leaving a hollow chamber near the heel, with a heavy weight in the toe, Cleveland has ensured a soft, satisfying feel and crisp feedback at impact.

Jeff Brunski, Cleveland’s Vice President of research and development explains, “Better players associate feel with blade-style wedges in terms of ‘how it feels when I miss it and how it feels when I hit it solid.’ I think the average golfer just wants to hit the sweet spot more. So the hollow cavity that gets the CG to where 25 percent more shots are in the sweet spot, that’s really a huge dial for feel. You hit the sweet spot it’s going to feel better. Every little design feature in here has to do with putting the sweet spot where it belongs and making the club feel better.”

Grooves, upon Grooves, Upon Grooves…

The CBX2 utilises the same groove pattern and surface roughness as seen in the RTX4. The 4th generation Rotex Face Technology, features the most aggressive face milling pattern of interlocking rings and 17 more finer-edged grooves than the original CBX. 96 horizontal laser milled lines surround each groove, offering you maximum spin and short game control with added forgiveness.

Loft Specific Grinds

46 – 52 Degrees:
For the lower lofts a dual V-shape sole grind allows you to glide through turf. Ensuring you won’t get stuck in the mud on full shots.

54 – 56 Degrees:
An S-shaped sole grind is available in the mid-lofts to help you out of the sand or any deep rough.

58 – 60 Degrees:
The C-Shaped sole grind is what you’ll experience in high lofts. Featuring the most heel and toe relief for ultra versatility. Perfect for lob shots with an open face.

The Cleveland CBX2 Wedges are now available to Pre-Order from GolfOnline.

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