Cobra King F8 One Length Irons reviewed for us by Mark Crossfield

by Maura Hutchinson

We have enlisted Mark Crossfield to take out and test the new Cobra King F8 One Length Irons.

Mark tested them out both on the course and in the indoor simulator to give us the all round lowdown.

One of the main questions people ask with the one length irons is do they go the correct distances and with the correct trajectory? As Mark describes they do just that! They definitely feel a bit different having shorter shafted long irons and longer shafted short irons, but that will enable you to learn just one golf swing.

The clubs feature the Arccos 360 golf tracking app (see the Arccos review for full info). This is a revolutionary system of statistical analysis software that fits on the end of your golf clubs.

One of the clever pieces of technology within the design of the clubs is the repositioning of the centre of gravity and how it is moved back in the longer irons to make them more forgiving and further forward in the short irons.

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