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Coloured Golf Balls are all the Rage – but is this trend True Science or just a Fake Fad?

by Maura Hutchinson

Coloured Golf Balls are all the Rage – but is this trend True Science or just a Fake Fad?

As the 2018 golf season starts to heat up, one of the major trends we're noticing is the rise of high-visibility golf balls (i.e. coloured ones).  So what is the deal with these brightly coloured balls?  Could they be the saviour you're looking for on the course later this year?  Or are they just a bit of nonsense that will distract you from the task at hand?  Here we take a hard look at the latest offerings from big brands like Titleist, Callaway, Volvik, Wilson and more.  Read on to see if colour should be in your future rounds.

Tradition or Standout??? The choice is yours…

Golf is a game steeped in tradition.  Tradition that is often hard to break.  For years players have hit the course with the standard white golf ball.  Sure there's been the occasional rebel who rocked up to a PGA Tour event with a coloured ball, but they definitely weren't the norm.  And golfers who used them at their local course risked being scoffed at or just not being taken seriously.

However, in recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of players, both professional and amateur, who have switched to coloured golf balls.  LPGA star Paula Creamer is known for her hot pink variety and last year the PGA Tour got spiced up when two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson signed with Volvik and also started playing with a hot pink ball.  In November Watson announced he was no longer signed with the company and went back to playing his standard white Titleist but colour was already on the map!

Golf ball innovation has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades.  The truth is no matter what brand/model you decide on the science behind your chosen golf ball remains the same, regardless of the colour on the front.  The choice of colour then becomes about better visibility (in the air, on the fairways or in the rough) but also centres around personal taste (with many converts just leaning towards the colour they favour most).

“Coloured golf balls are clearly becoming more popular, so we are giving golfers a greater choice of colour options in the most popular Wilson Staff ball,” Lee Farrar, Wilson Staff's National Accounts Manager for the UK and Ireland said last October following the announcement that the brand's DX2 balls would now be available in five matte finishes.

Farrar went on to explain, “We're proud to launch the first low-compression Matte finish coloured ball in the DX range, providing the avid winter golfer with even greater performance benefits.”

It's taken some time but the major golf brands seem to be sensing the trend and are now employing their latest golf ball technologies into coloured varieties.  So what could this mean for your game?

The Science of Colour

While there are many theories regarding why you should use a coloured ball, better visibility being cited most frequently, we found the argument that certain colours can have a positive effect on the psyche the most intriguing.  Could the colour of your golf ball really help your confidence on the course and lead you to shave strokes off your score?

The psychology of colour refers to the mental, physical and emotional effect colours can have on our everyday lives.  Broken down into warm and cool categories there is an emotional response associated with every hue.  Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow are linked most with feelings of stimulation – such as excitement, energy and intensity.  While cool colours like blue and green are most associated with feelings of calm and peacefulness.

So while the colour of your golf ball won't alter the technology inside it, it does seem possible that a different colour could give you more confidence at address or ease any anxiety you might feel as you step up to the tee.  Also, colour adds a bit of fun to the game and helps players to stand out from the rest of the group.  Whatever the cause, all these factors could go a long way in helping you reach new levels of confidence in your game.

“We've seen an increasing preference among golfers in general to play products that they truly identify with and colour is a big part of that,” said Titleist Golf Ball Product Manager Michael Fish last month when announcing the latest high-visibility colour options for the brand's Velocity golf balls.  Adding, “We're confident these new colour options combined with the improved performance of Velocity will only make the game more enjoyable for these golfers.”  

Want to give colour a try?

Here's a look at the latest ranges of coloured golf balls available now at GolfOnline. Whether you fancy a pink, blue, yellow, green or orange ball you'll find it below.