Titleist T-Series Irons – Explore the Strikingly New Breakthrough Technology

by Maura Hutchinson

Titleist is looking to shake up 2019 with its latest offering of irons. Producing three unique models in their new T-Series to offer discerning golfers of every level, the ability to go lower than ever before.

A New Era…

The T-Series represents an entirely unique approach to iron engineering and marks the brand’s first overhaul of its irons since the original AP range was unveiled over a decade ago. Through the use of multiple innovative technologies, plus a thinner face, Titleist has created a line of irons tailored to offer specific solutions to a player’s game.

“The T-Series represents a revolutionary step forward in Titleist iron design and technology,” explained Josh Talge, Titleist’s Vice President of Golf Club Marketing, in a press release. “Our Club R&D team is nearly six times the size it was when the first AP iron was introduced 11 years ago. It’s because of that ongoing investment that we’ve been able to make such significant breakthroughs in materials and construction, and learn how to package those technologies into constructions that offer the look, sound and feel that players expect from a Titleist iron.”

Something for everyone…

Titleist T100 Irons - BUY NOW

The T100 were designed as the next generation AP2, with precision in mind. Using feedback from Tour players like Jordan Spieth, the T100 has everything a better player is looking for in terms of shape, feel and control. Boasting progressive blade lengths, sole widths and hosel lengths, helps to ensure the CG in the T100 is in the right spot for each head.

Titleist T200 Irons - BUY NOW

For those familiar with Titleist irons, the new T200 is similar to the last generation AP3. These are a “player’s distance irons” that will allow you to attack every pin. Featuring a compact look and thinner topline, you’ll also find camber on the soles for improved turf interaction.

Titleist T300 Irons - BUY NOW

Forgiveness is what the T300 is all about. Aimed at players who would have used the AP1 before, the T300 offer a higher MOI with a wider sole and lower CG. These game-improver irons are specifically engineered for maximum distance, to help players raise their game.

Max Impact Technology

The T200 and T300 share one exclusive innovation, both are powered by Titleist’s new Max Impact Technology. Developed with the help of the Titleist Ball R&D department, Max Impact allows for a thinner face with a centralised support work to improve the way the face gives at impact. Featuring a silicone polymer core in the geometric centre of the clubface, Max Impact enables the face to flex more at impact creating higher ball speeds without sacrificing superior sound or feel.

The new T-Series is available to Pre-Order now from GolfOnline!

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