Coronavirus: Golf practice drills & training aids to help get you through the next few weeks

As the Coronavirus situation rages on, and there’s no professional golf on TV, we are hoping to be able to bring a little more fun to your “working from home” days. Everybody deserves a lunch break, right? And what better way to take your mind off things then turning your attention to your golf game. 

Our shop pro Kevin has been good enough to share some at-home putting drills we think are perfect for the current climate.

1) Putting Drill Instructions:

Items needed:
Golf balls, sticky note or playing card, measuring tape (optional) and a putter

Get a playing card or a sticky note and put it on your floor or carpet, 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet or 12 feet away from your start line. Whatever the distance you want to practice on. Now practice putting the golf ball with enough speed and distance that it stops on top of the card or sticky note. If it touches it and goes past it, try again until it lands on your target.

2) Putting Drill Instructions:

Items needed:
Golf balls, putter, two large books, tape and markers (optional).

Place two large books onto your carpet at home and leave enough distance between them so that your putter can barely fit between them. Now make practice strokes focusing on keeping the path of your putter straight and ensuring that the putter face is square. If the path of your stroke is not straight, and your putter face isn’t square, you will hit the books. This is some of the best feedback you can get that the path of your putting stroke wasn’t straight or the putter face wasn’t square.

Pro tip: Place a line of tape from your putting position if you want to focus on the trajectory of the ball or distance markers if you want to focus on distance as well.

3) Putting Drill Instructions:

Items needed:
Golf balls, target (cup, glass, tee), tape as distance markers, measuring tape, books (optional) and a putter.

Place a target on the carpet to putt to from any distance. If it’s your first time, start from 3 or 6 feet away and using only your left or right hand (not both), stroke one-handed putts trying to hit your target. Ensure that you keep the putter path straight and still, as well as the face of your putter square to your target.

Pro tip: If you’re struggling with this aspect, incorporate the book method outlined above into this drill. If you’ve nailed it, make your object smaller to make it a lot harder. Start with a glass then move to a golf tee as you get better.

Looking for a bit more inspiration???

We’ve found the world of social media and golf is definitely out in force to help us get through this challenging time. Golf coaches, and even some pros are sharing their favourite tips to help keep us sane during the next few weeks. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Top Training Aids

Looking for some extra gear for your indoor or outdoor practice? At GolfOnline we stock all the latest training aids, perfect to help you improve your game. From simple chipping and putting nets and mats, to alignment sticks and more, you will find everything you’re looking for here.

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The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is another great tool that has been created to help you produce the perfect putt. Its simple fold-up design means this impressive piece of kit can be carried anywhere and takes up little to no space. This makes it one of the best at-home practice aids. Will you have what it takes to putt to absolute perfection?

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Cabin Fever Setting In…

*Update - On Monday, 23rd March 2020, England Golf released a statement on their website announcing all golf clubs, courses and facilities must now close, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.*

“Keeping golf courses open is simply no longer compatible with the updated policy of government which is designed to save lives in a time of national emergency.” - England Golf

It seems if you’re not ill (or over 70 years old) and looking to practice social distancing, a trip to the golf course could still be in the cards. Obviously, it is best to proceed with caution and keep in mind that government advice could change at any moment. Read more about playing golf during Coronavirus here.